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President Shigeru Yoshida

100 Years since the birth of plywood in Japan. In October, 2007, the first Wood & Plywood Museum in the world opened. Not only for accumulating information and displaying exhibits, the Wood & Plywood Museum is a museum that also contributes to making a prosperous society in which nature and people can mutually coexist. By coming into contact with everyone, the museum is "in the interest of wood & plywood and the future of our environment" and is a place where people can gain a new understanding of living with a feeling of ease that is brought about by trees and of preventing global warming with the use of forest resources.
Japan, a country blessed with plentiful forest resources and water; by all means, please come for a visit.

Curator Dr.Takeshi Okano

岡野館長 One of the most attractive exhibits in this museum is “veneer lathe” that is developed by Meinan Machinery Works, inc. The lathe is characteristic for a log to rotate without spindle. You can see the lathes in the same system in any plywood factory and will find the differences between two lathes. Our lathe is not for manufacture, but for demonstration and you can easily understand the mechanism of veneer lathe. Furthermore, these lathes will revive Japanese forestry. Because we can produce veneer from thin logs, or bent logs in any length. Consequently, rate of extraction in forest products will increase dramatically. Please visit our museum, and ask any question for us.

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2005 With the proposal by Shigeru Yoshida, the Chairman of JK Holdings Co., Ltd and the late Hiroshi Inoue, the chairman of Seihoku Co., Ltd., the establishment of the museum was planned with the participation of scholars and groups and companies that are involved in lumber and plywood.
2007.10 The Wood & Plywood Museum opened as a non-profit organization.
2010.1 New facility, Learn about the Environment
2011.10 We received a commendation "kidukai movement".
2012.10 New facility, about Kichijiro Asano
2013.6 Put on Movable Model of Veneer lathe first as new facility
2013.11.3 Established "Plywood Anniversary"
2015.08 Non-profit organization dissolve was dissolved, and it is changed of the management to Public Interest Incorporated Foundation.

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